About Me

I am an brand developer, digital media specialist, and recent MBA Marketing graduate from Oregon State University. I currently reside in Beaverton, Oregon. 

My passions are sports, travel, baking, reading, and learning something new every day. I find fulfillment and satisfaction by connecting with people and hearing about their perspectives on life and the world around them. As a leader and member of my community, I am determined to create a better place for those around me in order to build a future and a legacy of positive impact.

This portfolio is a high-level overview of my marketing, brand development, writing, and editing experiences throughout my five years with OSU. Included are awards, scholarships, and philanthropy experiences.

Get in Touch

Email: alexandra.luther98@gmail.com 

Phone: 541-784-8636

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/al...

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